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Custom kydex holsters
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“Skinny Rig” Holster

The Kate Moss of holsters.

  1. Built for appendix and behind the hip carry.
  2. Very slim profile. Even with larger firearms it stays comfortable.
  3. Belt mount built to allow the user to tuck in shirt if desired.
  4. Ride height and belt size adjustable when using our soft loop post.
  5. Gun retention adjustment comes standard.

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Hot off the Holster Press

Apr 10, 2014

We don’t have a bleeding heart, and that’s a good thing.

You may have heard or read recently in the news about a new SSL exploit called Heartbleed that has compromised much of the internet.

Our website was one of the sites affected by this bug, as was much of the internet, since our server software used the OpenSSL software suite.

As soon as we were made aware of the exploit we patched everything the moment a fix was made available. Everything on our side of things is secure, as well as the protocols to our payment providers that process your payment information through our site.

If you have any questions about the safety and security of the transactions on this website, please feel free to call us at 888-963-8935, we would be happy to explain the ramifications of the issue if we had left it alone, and what we did to fix it so we aren't exposed.